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Whether it is pain management, respiratory care or improvement in functional abilities, we can help. Our practice aims to use the latest evidence-based guidelines to help you improve your quality of life

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The body is wonderfully complex. As first-line practitioners, we are trained to give you by use of an evidence-based evaluation and expert treatment plan the best conservative management. Let us hear your story, and let us be part of the solution.


This load-bearing joint gets used a lot in everyday life. Whether it be in sport, overuse or trauma, we can help you attain the functional level you desire. 

Ankle & Foot

Ankle injuries are very common in sport and running. Overuse injuries such as Plantar Fasciitis and Achilles tendinopathy can become a burden and impair your quality of life. We have the individualised treatment plan and rehabilitation protocol to get you on your feet again.

Hand & Wrist

From nerve impingements to truamatic injuries, pain in your hand or wrist can leave you frustrated. Let us help you get a grip on things again.


This multi-directional joint has its work cut out for it as it works hard every day, from hanging the laundry to swimming your personal best time.  Give us a chance to take that weight of them.

Back & Neck & Jaw

Back or Neck pain affects us all at some point in our life. The jaw however is often overlooked as a differential diagnosis. Let us give you a thorough evaluation and personalised treatment interventions.


Elbow pain is not only reserved for tennis players. As a place where arteries, nerves and muscles attach and pass through expert evaluation is key. We even help you recover from your total elbow replacement.

Hip & Pelvis

Transference of forces to and from your lower limbs and torso through a wide variety of activities, make these areas critical in stability. Let us help recover that what you have lost.

Headache & Sinus

Headaches are known to affect your ability to do every day tasks. Let us concentrate on the problem at hand.

Women's Health

Feel confident when doing what you love. Your health is important to us.

Muscle Injuries

Muscles are the workhorses in your body. Sometimes they need a guidance and care to get back to tip top shape.

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